Hortênsia Music Festival

Summer Concerts & Masterclasses

Terceira, Azores – Portugal

About the festival

The Hortênsia Music Festival is a unique classical music celebration taking place in the UNESCO heritage listed city of Angra do Heroísmo, situated on the beautiful Azores island of Terceira.

Since 2017 Angra do Heroísmo has been the yearly summer meeting point for passionate professional musicians, both Portuguese and international. With a focus on both pedagogy and performance, the festival offers exciting high-quality concerts of chamber music while simultaneously providing inspiring educational opportunities for students ranging from young beginners to university graduates. Such an environment of shared knowledge and artistic experiences creates inspiring opportunities for young music students to develop their capacities under professional guidance.  

Through concerts and masterclasses, which are all open to the public, the Hortênsia Music Festival aims to promote an artistic interaction within the community by bringing together children, youth and adults around a common love for music.


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“How good it is to work and develop musically and professionally in this inspiring island with so much history and beauty!”

“Thank you so much to the world class musicians who gave three outstanding recitals. I was spoilt with so much chamber music.”

“I love the violin! I loved the experience, and would like to repeat! Thank you to the teachers!”

“Thank you for these days full of good memories and above all, a lot of music”

“It was an incredible experience! I loved the violin and chamber music lessons!”

“Thank you for planting the seed of knowledge and music in the hearts of the children”

Welcome to
Hortênsia Music Festival

Hortênsia Music Festival was born out of a love for performance, a desire to share our collective experiences with younger generations, and an appreciation for the wonderfully welcoming local community of Terceira island.

Since 2017 we have had the great fortune to present a masterclass and chamber music series in a unique festive atmosphere combining music, youth, and community. It has been such an exciting journey to witness the development of the festival each year and we are excited for what is to come.

Situated in the idyllic Azores landscape, the beautiful natural surroundings create a special ambience for audiences to indulge in sublime music and inspire students to dive into an immersive learning experience. Based on our experience, we know the high value that masterclasses and festivals have played in our own professional development, therefore we believe in the importance of bringing such events to the Azores.

We look forward to welcoming you at our festival!

Tamila Kharambura & Paul Tulloch
Founders & Artistic Directors